The StemSource® Cellbank

The StemSource® Bank Service offers your patients a safe and effective way to store their adipose -derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs). Adipose tissue is one of the most accessible and abundant sources for these cells1. Through a low volume (100 mL to 250 mL), minimally invasive liposuction procedure, your patients can store and preserve their ADRCs for potential use in their future healthcare needs.

Researchers around the world are investigating the use of ADRCs in reconstructive surgery2, cardiovascular disease therapy3, treatment of gastrointestinal disorders4, and many other age-related conditions. This research is the foundation for potential approval of ADRCs in the future.

The StemSource® Bank Service is a new offering that you as a medical professional may offer to your patients. Candidates include patients who are already planning to undergo cosmetic liposuction or other surgical procedure or who are solely interested in storing their cells. We invite you to contact a Stemsource representative for more information. Contact info